How to Play Tennis | Tennis Rules

How to Play Tennis | Tennis Rules

How to Play Tennis | Tennis Rules

The tennis playground is not too big. The gallery is not too big for the field. When we see a tennis game on TV, a viewer cannot be seen in the gallery. So naturally, I can say that the audience does not have too much tension in this game.
However, this small number of viewers is often seen in the gallery by all the stars of the world, Bagha Bagha. Now you can understand how much it is to play tennis. The world has ten titles, names, fame, fame, honour, money; everything is in this game.

According to most historians, the start of tennis was in France. The game started in the 12th century. But in France, though people were born in England, they were in England.

That is, France’s 12th Century tennis came popular in England in the 16th century. The official launch of the tennis league started in 1882 by forming the ‘Limington Spa Club’. But initially, this was the game of high-level English linguistic people in society.

Tennis Rules

The first tournament was started in 1887 in tennis. The first Wimbledon champion tournament was organized at Wimbledon’s All England Club in Birmingham, England. This is how many years have passed.
Then, in 1924, the birth of the International Tennis Federation was born. After that, tennis started internationally. Another thing is that in this type of tennis game, this game is known as ‘Lawn Tennis’.

How to Play Tennis

The Object of the Game

The game of tennis plays on a rectangular court running throughout the net. The goal of the two-sided player is to hit the ball over the net landing in the court margins. In such a way that your opponent is unable to return the ball,

The Object of the Game

You get one point each time your opponent is unable to return the ball to the court. But to win, you must play better than your opponent.

Players & Equipment

Tennis is a singles match and a doubles match. However, one player in a single game and two players in a doubles match. A single match will mean that you will use the inner side tram line And a second game means you’ll use the outside tram line. There is a total of two players in every single game and four players in doubles matches.

tennis player & equipment

The rectangular-shaped court has a baseline (at the back), service areas (two spaces just over the net in which a successful serve must land in) and two tram lines. A court can be played by four main surfaces, including grass, clay, hard surfaces, and carpets. The court can be played with grass, mud, hard surfaces and carpets. All that is needed in terms of equipment is every stringed racket and a tennis ball. Lastly, knowing the right ideas and rules is essential to the game.


You need to score four points to play tennis. Only then will you be declared a winner. Point number -1 is (15 points), point number -2 is (30 points), point number -3 is (40 points), and the fourth is the winning point that the game will end. If the scores were a 40-40 parity, it would be known as Deuce. When a game reaches a deuce, the player must win by two clear points.

Winning the Game

To win a tennis game you have to win a certain amount of sets Which is always More than the opponent player(Three best for women’s match and five best for men’s event). If your opponent wins five games, then you have to take the 7-5 set.

tennis winning the game

If the set goes to 6-6, the tie break is played, and it is only the first player to score 7 points.

Rules of Tennis

  • Which player has to serve first and which side will serve first to determine that the game begins with a coin toss.
  • It is also worthwhile to have a court first to play the game.
  • The server must serve each point on the alternate side of the baseline. Somehow the leg of the server has to go to the front of the court’s baseline before it hits their serve.
  • If the server fails to get its first service, it can take advantage of the second environment.
  • If they fail to get their second service again, a dual error will be called, and the point is lost.
  • A player loses a point if they fail to return the ball two in the correct area of ​​the court, hitting the net 
  • And does not go into the opponent’s territory or fails to return the ball before bouncing twice in half.
  • In tennis matches, the balls are changed to a new shot every six games.
  • To earn points from the opponent can hit the line anywhere so that the ball goes out or fails to hit the ball.
  • If the serve clips the net, the ball goes into the service area, but those who are called can receive the service again without the need for a fine. If the ball hits the net and fails to reach the service area, an outcall is made, and they will lose that serve.
  • The receives can stand wherever they want after receiving the service. If the ball is hit without a servo bouncing, the server will accept the point.
  • Winning a game requires 4 points. If a match lands at 40-40, it’s known as Deuce. Any side or player from Deuce has to earn 2 points to win the game. 

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