How to Play Football (Soccer) | Football (Soccer) Rules

How to Play Football (Soccer) | Football (Soccer) Rules

How to Play Football (Soccer) | Football (Soccer) Rules

Football is a team game. It is a game that is widely known and popular internationally. It is the sport’s official name, administered by the International Football Federation (FIFA). The Game is known as soccer only in the United States and Canada.

It is played between two teams, and each team has 11 players. In the 21st century, more than 250 million players played in more than 200 countries of a football play. That is why Football is known as the world’s most popular and popular game.

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There is a difference between the origin of the football game. The name of the game was different from ancient Egypt, Persia, Babylon, Greece, in various names. But modern Football has flourished in England. At the end of the medieval period, English athlete JC Thring created the first rule of the game.

In another opinion, it is known that Football was born in the UK. It was the 12th century. According to the same law, however, before the United Kingdom Football was prevalent in China.

How to Play Football (Soccer)

The object of the Game

The football game is set at 90 minutes. The goal is to score more goals than the opponent within 90 minutes. The match is split into two parts with 45 minutes in the first part, And after the 15-minute break, the rest is 45 minutes.

The object of the game

The referee schedules extra time for a player’s injury or wasted time. And this time is determined after 90 minutes of play.

Players & Equipment

There are 11 players in each team, with a total of 22 players in the two groups. These are composed of one goalkeeper and ten teams from the outfield. The pitch levels vary a bit from the ground but are about 120 yards long and 75 yards wide.

On each pitch, you will have a 6-yard box next to the goalmouth, an 18-yard box surrounding the 6-yard box, and a center circle. Each half of the ball must be another mirror image in terms of dimensions.

Football Players & Equipment

Basically, among the tools needed for a soccer match, the first is a pitch and a football. Teams also get studded football boots, shin pads, and match shirts. Goalkeepers will additionally wear padded gloves as only the player in them is allowed to handle the ball. Each team will have a designated captain.


A team is awarded a goal when the ball is successfully placed inside the opponent’s goal post. If a team can send the ball to the opponent’s side, then it is triumphant or victorious. However, the number of goals must be higher. The target itself consists of a frame 8 feet tall and 8 yards wide.

Teams, Players & Player Position

Each football team consists of 11 players, ten outfield players, and one goalkeeper. Based on the formation of a football team player. The goalkeeper is the primary defense force, and the goalkeeper is assisted by the defenders, the center-back penalty area, and the attack on the left or right of the whole back.

The wingback is also a defensive midfield position employed when teams adopt the 3-5-2 formation or full defensive role in the 5-3-2 formation. The center midfielder acts as the bridge between the forwards and the defenders.

Football Teams, Players & Player Position

The defensive midfielder standing in front of the defender assists in the defensive role whilst the attacking midfielder serves as a pivot to the forward. The big centerfielder on either left or right side, also called wingers, aids in the distribution of balls.

The center forward is the main man of the team saddled with the responsibility to score and is assisted by a second ahead as well as the wingers.

Winning the game

Every team wants to taste the win, but the higher the number of goals, the more they enjoy. So they aim to give good game gifts and score goals, and there are some stringent rules for the purpose.

If the game is 90 minutes, if the goal is equal, then the game is drawn. In some games, the re-play is conducted by scheduling additional time.

Football Winning the game

Even if he is not able to score a goal, the winner can decide on a penalty shootout. In that case, the players have to use the legs to kick And goalkeepers who can use any part of their body within 18 yards of the box.

Rules of Football (Soccer)

  • Of course, the playground should be made of natural or artificial grass. The field must be rectangular with the 10-yard radius circle of the FIFA Rule Center and the appropriate spot marked as an 18-yard box on both ends of the area.
  • However, each team can have a minimum of 11 players(The only goalkeeper who is the single-player to handle the ball within 18 yards of the box) A minimum of 7 players are required to process a match.
  • To see the ball, it must be round, and at the start of the match, it should be between 22-20 inches, and the weight should be between 1-5 grams. All balls must carry FIFA Quality Pro, including FIFA Quality or IMS – International Mill Standard.
  • Players must wear a shirt with sleeves, knickers, socks, shin guards and boots. Electronic devices, jewelry pieces, and Unnecessary things are not allowed.
  • For a committed foul, a player can get a yellow or red card, depending on the intensity of the foul; the referee considers this. Yellow is a warning and a red card to dismiss that player. Two yellow cards equal one red. But if a referee gives two yellow cards to a player, then the red card is the same, And this player is bid farewell.
  • The referee acts as the supreme authority of the match and makes decisions by the rules of the game.
  • The assistants for managing the referee game include two assistant referees (linesman), two more assistant referees, video assistant referees VARs), and an associate video assistant referee (AVR).
  • The football game is 90 minutes. Fifteen minutes break between the first 45 minutes and 45 minutes in the end. But if the time is wasted for some reason, the referee gives extra time.

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