How to Play Table Tennis(Ping Pong) | Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Rules

How to Play Table Tennis(Ping Pong) | Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Rules

How to Play Table Tennis(Ping Pong) | Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Rules

The Game of table tennis began in France. The sport was introduced at some point in the twelfth century. Although born in France, tennis in the twelfth century came to England in the sixteenth century and became famous.
The formal journey to tennis began with the formation of the ‘Leamington Spa’ club in 12 years. However, for the first time, table tennis was the sport of high-level English speaking people in the society.

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For the first time, the official competition began in table tennis. The first Wimbledon champion was organized at the All England Club in Wimbledon, Birmingham, England. That is how many years are spent. Then came the International Tennis Federation in 1920.
Only then did the international tour of table tennis begin. Another thing is that this game is known as ‘lawn tennis’ in different types of tennis. The name “ping-pong” was in full use before British manufacturer J. Jaques & Son Ltd trademarked it in 1901.

How to Play Table Tennis(Ping Pong)

The object of the Game

As of 2001 the aim of the game is to score 11 points (it was previously 21) by outmaneuvering your opponent into either hitting the ball into the net, hitting it off the table or missing it altogether.
Matches are typically contested as best of five, seven or nine games: that is to say, the first person to reach 11 points in three, four or five games respectively.

Players & Equipment

In a single play, it is a one-to-one play, when a double is pitted against two. However, it is also possible to play two against one in informal situations (for example, family holidays). Here we should focus specifically on single rules.
Ping Pong requires a little equipment to play, which is not surprising given that the fake and The Game is an incomplete game on any table using books for both bats!

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Officially the game is one performed using a 40 mm diameter, white (or sometimes orange) table tennis ball weighing 2.7 g; rackets (correct term) which are generally called bats (UK) or paddles (USA) and are red on one sides and black on the other; and a table measuring 2.74 m (9 ft) long, 76 cm (30 inches) high and 1.52 m (5 ft) tall.The table is typically blue or green and has a net of 15.25 cm (6 inches) across its width which bisects its length.


Scoring is forcing your opponent to hit the ball long or wide across the table
Or otherwise through nets or shots that they are unable to hit at all. When serving, your opponent wins the point if you fail to help a legitimate one – which bounces on your side at your table, then cleans the net (if it hits the net, it’s a letdown and player reserve) and jumps on their side.
They are not allowing or intercepting the ball, although a double hit will give your opponent the point. Notice that table sides (the lines) are “in” up table tennis, but that side is not.

Winning the Game

To be the winner of the match If the number of allocated games is reached first, usually three, four or five. You must enter 11 points to win, even if the scores are level 10-10. This level becomes,

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but the first player to lead with two points that are notably awarded in the Game.

Rules of Table Tennis (Ping Pong)

  • Ping pong is played over a series of pre-agreed games, and each game takes the first to 11 points.
  • The flipping of a coin or other form of lot-drawing decides which of the players will first serve.
  • Every table tennis player serves twice in turn and must be made from an open palm, then the ball tossed six inches,Ping pong is played over a series of pre-agreed games, and each game takes the first to 11 points.
  • Points are decided as described above, and two clear points must-win games. Every player serves only once at 10-10, in turn, until one player has built a two-point lead and wins the match.
  • Once a player has reached five points in a match, the players have the opportunity to move from place to place.
  • After each game, players rotate the end of the table from where they are playing.

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