John Cena Net Worth, Biography, Family, Career & More

John Cena Net Worth, Biography, Family, Career, Wife & More

john cena net worth

John Cena Biography


John Cena is a professional figure in wrestling, acting, and television. In the year 2000, he won the UPW title by calling himself “The Prototype.” He signed an employment deal with Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2001. In February 2002 Cena won the OVW heavyweight championship and then made his WWE debut that June.

He won the US Championship two years later. After then the wrestler has grown his name with the release of a hip-hop album and TV and film appearances.

John Cena is a professional American roots wrestler, singer, and rapper who is well known in the WWE for his wrestling feats. Cena, a multi-talented actor, is one of the few stars of the WWE whose fame and popularity in the WWE suits his exploits for entertainment.

After its debut in the wrestling scene in 1999, Cena has grown to become one of the few wrestlers who have won one of the most WWE titles in the entertainment promotions company’s history.

Full Name: John Felix Anthony Cena Jr.

Born: April 23, 1977

Place of Birth: West Newbury, Massachusetts

Nationality: American

Height: 6 ft 1 in (185 cm)

Weight: 114 kg (251 Ib)

Education: Central Catholic High School; Cushing Academy; Springfield College

Parents: John Cena Sr. (father); Carol Cena (mother)

Siblings: Dan Cena (brother), Matt Cena (brother), Sean Cena (brother), Steve Cena (brother)

Wife: Nikki Bella

Net Worth: $55 million

Occupation: Actor, Wrestler

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

John Cena Net Worth-2020

John Cena has a net worth about $55 million. He has dealt with Gillette, Hefty, Capri Sun, Gold Gym, and Fruity Pebbles for endorsement. He also supports many charitable organizations, including the make-a-wish foundation, the Kids Wish Network, and the American Cancer Society.

WWE Dubet  Champion

In February 2002, Cena claimed the OVW heavyweight title and made his WWE debut that June when he signed up with the Smackdown roster. Cena took home the United States Championship just two years later, beating The Big Show in Wrestlemania XX in March 2004.

Several wins and titles have notched in the years since Cena. He became the first wrestler ever to emerge victorious over Edward “Umaga” Fatu in 2007.
Along the way, Cena, whose good looks and sculpted body inspired the nickname “Wrestling’s Marky Mark,” heightened his popularity. Unlike Hogan, Cena has proven that his ring showmanship translated into success in other venues.


John Cena Early Life

John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. became born in West Newbury, Massachusetts, on 23 April 1977. He is Carol’s son, and John Cena’s. On his dad’s side, he is Italian and on his mother’s side, he is English and French-Canadian.

Cena displayed a passion for sports and work-out at an early age. He was a professional gym rat by the time he was 15 and after graduating high school, Cena went off to Massachusetts’ Springfield College to study physiology exercise and show his worth on the football field.

Cena became a Division III All-American offensive lineman and team captain at Springfield. Against the wishes of his family, the young college graduate left Massachusetts in 2000 finding a new life as a bodybuilder in California.

It wasn’t an easy transition for the 6-foot 1-inch aspiring star. He had just $500 in his pocket to make it across the country and get settled. To make ends meet, he folded towels and cleaned toilets at a Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach. Since he couldn’t afford an apartment, he shacked up in his 1991 Lincoln Continental.

John Cena Wife

John Cena married her high school sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau in 2009. Later, in 2012, they were divided in a way that many would characterize as disgusting.
John, then for six whole years dated Nikki Bella. She is 36 years old, Yet just months before they stepped down the aisle, they broke down. The reputation of John Cena, as well as his net worth, suffered as a result of the messy and untimely divorce.

John Cena Acting Career

Cena has been interested in acting since 2006. WWE Studios produced his first motion picture, The Marine. He has since appeared in many high-profile films, such as 12 Rounds, Iconic, Sisters, and many more.

John Cena began professional wrestling in 1999 at the LJPW Ultimate pro wrestling, where he captured the UPW Heavyweight Title, which he retained for 27 days. In 2001 he left UPW while in 2003 he made an appearance. John made his WWE debut in June 2002 when he answered Kurt Angle’s open challenge and lost the contest.

Beating Chris Jericho and Chavo Guerrero, he enjoyed the victory. Cena’s path as it is in WWE tradition needs to defeat and win matches for the opportunity to face off with any championship holder, and for Cena, it was no different when he captured his first Title at WrestleMania XX (US Championship) by defeating Big Show.

He won his first WWE Championship in 2005 and has since won the WWE Championship 13 times, winning the WWE United States Championship 5 times, winning the WWE Tage Team Championship 2 times, winning the Money in the Bank once and winning Royal Rumble Two times.

Apart from wrestling, John Cena is an actor, and some of the films he has been featured are 2006 The Marine, The Reunion 2011, The Hangover part Ill 2013, Daddy’s Home 2015, Ferdinand 2016 and Blockers 2018. On television shows, you will find him the Edge & Christian Show and Total Bella’s, among others.

TV, Movies, and Music
Cena appeared in the action films The Marine (2006) and 12 Rounds (2009) through WWE’s production arm, the latter featuring the wrestler attempting to rescue his girlfriend from a group of terrorists in New Orleans.

Album: ‘You Can’t See Me’

Additionally, when his rap album, You Can’t See Me, reached record stores in 2005, Cena, which has long had an affinity with hip-hop music, became a recording artist. The recording made its debut in the USA. Billboard 200 list at 15th position.


In 2015, in the hit comedy Trainwreck, directed by Judd Apatow and written by the star of the film, Amy Schumer, Cena received critical acclaim for his acting skills. Cena was playing a muscle-bound but sensitive boyfriend of Schumer.

“I got my chance to put out my sense of humor into the world and at the same time play this hulky guy who’s a gentleman, who I’m a really emotional guy in real life,” Cena told Business Insider. He starred in the Tina Fey-Amy Poehler comedy Sisters later that year and played a minor role in Daddy’s House.

‘Blockers,’ ‘Bumblebee’
Cena co-starred in the war movie The Wall in 2017, played the animated Ferdinand’s titular bull, and joined Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg for Daddy’s Home 2.

The following year, he enjoyed a prominent role in the raunchy comedy Blockers, before returning to action fare with the Transformers spinoff Bumblebee. Cena then joined Keegan-Michael Key and John Leguizamo to play a trio of wildfire fighters flummoxed by unruly kids in the 2019 family comedy Playing with Fire.


John Cena Personal Life

In July 2009, Cena married its girlfriend, Elizabeth Huberdeau. Cena filed for divorce in May 2012, allegedly surprising Huberdeau. Their tumultuous split played out in the newspapers but finally settled down that year in July. Cena started dating Fellow WWE singer Nikki Bella in 2012.

He proposed to Bella on April 2, 2017, after they beat The Miz and Maryse in a Wrestlemania 33 tag team match. Cena and Bella ended their engagement in April 2018, and reconciled briefly, until it was announced that their separate ways had gone again.

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